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Jodi Halldorson

Jodi  Halldorson
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    My family has always had roots in Real Estate. But, It wasn’t until I experienced the process as a Buyer that I found my inspiration and purpose to become a Real Estate Broker. Through my buying adventure, I realized how important the Real Estate Agent you choose is; so why not take the time to find someone you connect with?

    I am a native San Franciscan raising a wily, sweet boy in the city that I adore. I have a background in teaching and advertising as well as being a landlord and renovating properties. I have a knack for going into a home with no aesthetic appeal and seeing its full potential.

    My creative methods and team-centric approach focus on the bigger picture, with your best interests at the core. Let’s talk it out – all of it – to find what works best for you and what you’re looking to build.

    I am dedicated to offering my clients a collaborative, conscientious experience and education that ultimately leads them to be empowered with their decisions. The last 16 years in Real Estate has consistently shown our Bay Area market to be intricate, unique and ever evolving. By offering exceptional, concierge service, an array of background and a true passion for seeing what others may not see, I’m able to help you create a life in a home that you love.

    Now, let’s get you to where you want to be…

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